Carmen Okabe


For the Wu Ji Academy, Carmen Okabe is teaching :
Chinese language – speaking and mastering specialized Chinese for Feng Shui,
Marketing for the Feng Shui consultants,
Feng Shui colours for health and beauty

Carmen Okabe was born in Romania, to parents with Turkish and Hungarian ancestors. She studied in China, married and lived in Japan, further lived in France, Turkey, China, Belgium, Romania and now in Switzerland.

This multitude of cultures she experienced, the passion she has to study the human nature and the ways of improving it, be it outer image, be it inner beauty, her personal TAO in the search of balance, several important encounters with great Feng Shui masters and therapists, the numerous courses she followed, made her the person she is now, preoccupied in offering complete solutions for the positive transformation of a person.

There are more than 30 years now since she first got acquainted with Traditional Feng Shui, during her first studies in China. With a Diploma in Oriental Languages (Chinese- Japanese)and one in Japanese Management, Carmen had the chance, during 20 years of study, life and work in Asia, mainly Japan and China, to meet several Feng Shui Masters and made a summum out of all the acquired knowledge for using it successfully in her business and image consultancy practice.

With a great passion for Feng Shui and for its applications for health and beauty, Carmen studied Face Reading in Japan, Fashion Feng Shui in USA, Aesthetics Feng Shui in France, TFH Kinesiology in Switzerland and developed her own method uniting all. She is also a Traditional Feng Shui practitioner.

“As an image consultant, when I have in front of me a person, I would like to be able to offer her all she needs for becoming a happy person!! Working only the appearance, it is not enough! Teaching her to be loving herself, being healthy, changing the perception of herself or of the world around, put the environment to work for sustaining the transformation, I think this is the real way, the TAO!! Like this, I am not only an image consultant, but I am a life & health coach and can continue to accompany the client in the future, being part of his/her life. The same, for a company, its success depends so much on the good spirit of its leader, of the whole team…working according to and following Feng Shui principles in the corporate world gives wonderful results!!”

Speaking fluently Chinese, Japanese, English, French, Romanian, Italian, Turkish and having also extensive corporate experience, Carmen Okabe works with companies willing to expand internationally.

She offers classes on Image Transformation, Personal development, Feng Shui colours for beauty and health, Cross cultural etiquette and she is an invited speaker to many international events and congresses.

The meeting with Master Han gave her the possibility to put at work in the benefit of Wu Ji Academy all her experience.

«  In my life, I had the chance to follow classes of several Masters and I can recognize a real great Master, strong of his knowledge, when I see one !! The teaching I received with Master Han is superior to so many others, I estimate he is one of the best Feng Shui Masters of the world, certainly the best Europe has. This is why it is an honour for me to be part of the Wu Ji Academy team.”


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